Trauma healing comes in many shapes and sizes. There are multiple somatic-based modalities (TIE being one of them), all similar to each other but with their own special quirks. Outside of coaching and therapy, there is body work, spiritual work, ancestral work, creative…
Embodied Writing Relating, Relationships, & Trauma series
Isn’t it strange how we know? How our brains know or our nervous systems know? Or maybe it’s fate or synchronicity or just random luck? Isn’t it strange…
Embodied Writing : Relating, relationships, & trauma series
What we want, what we need
Embodied Writing : Relating, relationships, & trauma series
(it isn't all rainbows and unicorns and its necessary to heal ourselves, our relationship, our world)
When life is overfull… When you have that difficult conversation even though it scares you… When all your anxious parts are freaking the fuck out… When…
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Embodied Relating